Tuesday, 14 June 2005

nibaq, Tim Tim, blurburger & me!

This is it! The post that I was preparing for & asked permission from ?? To write it :>

It all started in The savior machine, when nibaq "the Kuwaiti blogs godfather" wrote this post about a cool desktop images site called pixelgirlpresents so as I was browsing it the 1st time in February this year I found a picture for a cute red guy called "Tim Tim" Devil! right in this page (currently). I immediately saved his pic & was also able to find "Tim Tim" angel @@ I was like cool one character & two versions of it :}

At the time I don't know why I didn't trace the site attached with the picture! But it went out of my mind with time (although am usually curious & like to explore). Monday at work I wanted a desktop picture to add life to my PC & cheer me up so there came TIM TIM to mind @@ the cute little RED GUY (not the misguided one ;p), searched his pictures on google & I got into this page ...

Then Tim Tim became something more exciting & fun! He is an actual character that @@ why should I say @@ look at what the site says "quote"::

Welcome to the amazingly amazing world of TimTim!

TimTim has incredible powers! He has the power to change himself into whatever he likes. Cool huh?Check out his Adventures to see what TimTim gets up to with these incredible powers. Download some desktop pics, icons and e-cards for even more fun!

Tim Tim appeared to be quite a unique figure @@ check out his page Then you have to see his Adventures! My favorite was ALL of them ;p but I kinda leaned a bit to the Spider Ooh & he is not only a Devil or an Angel! Also he can be ( a monkey- a spider- a dog) check out all of his adventures :} they are FUN

Now Tim Tim can't leave you go with out a reminder of him! He has pretty nice & very shiny wallpapers for your desktop + Icons !!!! That was my best discovery :D all of my icons were changed ;p when I got to the Icons page, download the .Zip file to have them @@ + "yes there is an other + :}" E-Cards.. So take a look & check'em out

By that time I was so curious about who is behind this lovely site! So I go digging :D I got to Blurburger Home, Then I was like HUH! blurburger! What kind of burger is that & who would call their site with a such odd name. He is Australian & called

& at the link above the code of "Blurburger" broke @@ "quote"::

Blurburger is my website for sharing my art with the world. I got the name Blurburger from the call made by a bird I still haven't seen, that frequents the hills around Cockatoo. 'Blurrr-bur-GA! Blurrr-bur-GA!'

Now @ this moment I just cracked up! & totally liked the site even more, am into simple fun things, the graphics are so simple YET very attractive & cute I must say in the same time the whole site has a great deal of efficiency & creativity. Pete Joison is a true artist that has a lot of talents :} Let a side the Tim Tim section, under blurburger there are the following ::

  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • Icons
  • Shoebox (lots of stuff in there! check'em out, highly recommended. There are tales of The "Nostril Head")
  • Paintings
  • Shop
  • Services ( Logos, Icons, Illustrations @@ he got it all & its pretty nice + professional + totally what I like.. Simple YET unique & creative)
  • Email
  • Guestbook (which I will sign soon after I finish writing this post ;p)
  • Blog ( @@ YES his is in the blog-o-sphere Ladies & gentlemen :> & he uses word press, the blog somehow reminded me of nibaq's)
  • Links
  • About (of course as stated above, there you satisfy your curiosity about who is the person that is behind this VERY professional simple & creative site. Also Bright colors with white never fail with me)

This is Pretty much all of it all you have to do is click on the links above to see what a great site he has. I was intending to e-mail Mr.Pete Joison to take permission to post some pictures of Tim Tim but as I kept exploring the site I just had to write about it, So I took permission to write the above "of course he will read it with you guys no one took a peak :} don't worry", he welcomed the idea & was very nice & friendly! Thank you Mr. Joison :>

So Ladies & Gents :} here at the end I give a Sault all the way from Kuwait to Australia to Mr.Pete Joison for a great site & a creative mind :>

P.S: Each time you go to the home page! you get a different picture in the banner :> its pretty cool! try to refresh Blurburger Home a few times to see.


nibaq said...

Thats a great site and even greater TimTim, going to put a couple in my backgrounds.

Purgatory said...

So many @@ in this post.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Glad you liked it :} oO thanks to you too coz ur post was the 1st link to this site

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Yes, coz there is a lot to @@ SEE in this site :} enjoy

Purgatory said...


BloBoz said...
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Q80-Chill Girl said...

Blooooooooooo :}

Hi dear I knew that Tim Tim & blurburger would be ur type of thing :> ...

About ur project I say go with it :) am sure that urs has its own independent spirit & am so curious to know it now that u spoke about it :D:D .. twakal 3la allah dear & go for it lets see what you have, I hope ur intending to show us how "blo boz" looks like since we all know that the whole blog name is behind that charachter with a blo (=blue) boz :}

From now! I promis a review for your new thing what ever it is :D as long as its blobozian & creative

BloBoz said...

Lol sorry delete it by mistake :( ..

What i sayed be4 is am on something look like tim tim :D ..

ow i enjoyed the review soo much , thanxz :D ..

BloBoz said...

Thaaanxz ,, enshalah it will be SOON 3yal :D .. And thanxz for the future review :D ..

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Cool :} go for it bloo