Thursday, 2 June 2005

Person "x"

Ok this post will be dedicated to him, although some how I doubt he will ever read it :} but its a reminder of how nice he is.

This is about a guy I by no way know but helped a lot just because he is nice :} I just knew his name & who he was "since I thought he was someone else when he first helped me -long story-" so to him I say thank you:

* For giving me this shot FAIRLY as others. If you hadn't then I wouldn't have taken the way that got me to be among the "23" in the lead & eventually in where I am now.

*For being with me when I went to the "evil" guy :}

*For being so nice to the extent to help a friend of mine although I haven't been there for long, but again coz he is a nice guy he did it.

So thank you nice guy .. Very much


Purgatory said...

:) good good

Judy Abbott said...

oh i am not a guy? :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

E wallah el7mdellah so far so good :D I hope it lasts

Q80-Chill Girl said...



opsyyyy 7asafa it was not you :D 3ad wallah truelly ur such a good person :> enjoy the weekend dear