Saturday, 31 December 2005


This is by far the most interesting news in 2005

I do not like politics NOR like to post about it in my blog but this piece of news is so amazing! Who would have thought it would start to collapse this way? From a person who has been in the Syrian system for so long? Regardless if its a play written a long time ago OR a well paid newly written play with a veeeeery generous pay OR maybe a simple ABC plain & true which is very doubted :}

Still to me this is the best political event in 2005, it has betrayal, faith, honesty, money, mystery, action, etc.... All in all I hate politics because its a game! If you have the power & money you can turn a victim into a villain & vise versa & its mostly way out of the simple every day person's league only a few can get it.

P.S: Truelly propaganda is an art!

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