Tuesday, 7 August 2007

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Busy week, work mostly, it seems at times that the 8 hours I spend there are not enough! I barely sleep, I hate it when my brain becomes too busy that sleeping turns into a hard task. Hoping that by next week the work load is less or I get used to it :D

السبت عطله وناسه بس هم ببالي الشغل و احس هاليوم اللي بفقده بيأثر على كمية الشغل اللي ممكن اخلصه ،، وصلت الفكره اشكثر انا ببالي الشغل؟؟

It is fascinating how some people take lying to be a profession :D to the extent that they are not afraid to tell you that you are NOT you! A person who is at a high level is actually lowering him self, shattering his image in front of people with his lies! Poor him

تفاجأت بيوم الخميس ان اهلي مسوين لي مفاجأه اللي خربتها عليهم امي لانها بطت الجربه لما قالت لي اييي ترى لازم تشكرين فلانه "بنت خالتي" لانها جابت لج كيك بمناسبة عيد ميلادج!!
بنت خالتي جابت لي كيكتين بنكهتيني المفظلتين (كاكاو - منجا) و الالذ بالموضوع انهم من البرررررررررررررردد!! كيك عايسكريم
و بناء على طلب الاخ اكزومبي و نحاستي مدموجين معاً هذي صورة من قطعتيني من الكيكتين :> و الكيك تشطب عليه بحزتة لا و المشكله ما تذكرت اصور الا بعد ماكليت من الكيكه!،، اي و اخوي عطاني لعبتين "بقرتين" هدايا وحده منهم تقول "موووو" بس بدون نفس لوول

هالسنه غير، ماتعودت على ان احد يحتفل فيني و انا ما القي عيد ميلادي ذاك الاهتمام اصلا ،، و هم من بعد الغزو ماقمت اهتم كللللش بهالشغله ولا اختب و اذا كلش كللللش يمكن و مو اكيد نجتمع على كيكه او عزيمه بس مو هدايا و اغاني و مفاجأه و خبه ،، و حتى ربعي بالدوام اختبوا :> احبهم كلهم

الكيكة البنية بنكهة الكاكاو وجلي عليها عوارض الافتراس من قبلي، بلشت فيها بما اني مدمنة كاكاو

Dinner out is what I plan to do tomorrow, an early one so I can sleep early, I miss sleeping well!

قريباً ،،، بتكلم عن هالكتاب


jumping translocation said...

"....they are not afraid to tell you you are not you." hmmmn. That sounds familiar.
Could this be me?? I am more or less able to relate to this quirky aspect of human nature.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Interesting how if you take one sentence out of a paragraph that can mean a totally different thing! if read by its own :D

any how what I meant in that particular part, is how "he" can tell you that you are not you, meaning that he can lie to the extent to deny who you really are,,, once he said: person "a" is one of a kind, mean while on the other hand that "a" knows he is a hypocrite because the liar behind his back says the truth about "a" & that is he is not so unique!!

now back to your analysis to that single sentence, it could be you! i dont know :D but not being affraid of telling people who they REALLY are, is not so bad, actually i think its an act of love, if you love your self you would be honest enough with ur self & others moreover if you too love others you will be frank with them and tell them what you think. Many think this could be an act or Prejudice or Ego, mean while i think its an act of love & honesty combines, what makes people interpret them other wise is the way we say our opinion :D

your comments always make me think :) thank you