Saturday, 11 August 2007

Random thoughts


In a simple event that went on a while ago I saw how much our attitude can make a problem big or small! Through an issue I thought was huge and turned out to be not so big! Exaggeration is a problem breeder.

Virtue ,, EXAGGERATION is bad when it comes to problems! hmm I don't know if its ever good in any way?


In a try to reply with the same amount of fire that was in the message sent to me, I found my self failing to send the even more fiery reply that I wrote & intended to send simply because I'm not convinced with it, after a conversation with my bro. who is a Leo too, that is as stubborn as I am but with age he is becoming more flexible than I am, I realized that I will take his advice! because replying quietly to that message will smooth things, turn off the fire and still keep me on the track I want to be on. Now with this brother in particular, the closest one to me, we are so close yet so appart, from that I belived that two people with the same characteristics DO NOT get a long well (Opposites Attract is so true, suddenly I hear Paula Abdoul's in the background of my head).

Yes we understand each other WELL, but when it comes to making things we both want to but in our different distinct ways, we get stuck!! you see I know that what he is saying is right OR he knows what I'm saying is right!! Now he knows that I know that its right OR at times I know that he knows that I'm right!! but because he said it OR I said it, we "depending on who gave the advice" have to modify it! although he OR I "again depending on who gave the advice" know that what he OR I say is right! and that we both think the same... but because he OR I said it "the adviser" we will not do it the EXACT way the adviser among us said it because he OR I thought of it too! in that same way...... It's a never ending battle that makes me realize by the day how much I love my brother & need him. Thank you ;p you got me & my car back on track.

and if you read this post up to this line, then you are my hero LOL....

*1 am* I just noticed the post time!!
:D I love it


Purgatory said...

post time shows as 10 pm ;p

and I read it ;)

3baid said...

I think I understood part of this post, but just so you know, I'm a Leo too ;P hehe

LiL ALiEN said...

بيييييييييي شخباري هالاغنية

بولا ابدول كانت حبي الاول

MC Skat Kat
كانت اغانية عجيبه .. كله ضد البنات :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


its 10:01 pm not just 10 pm


LOL, hello fellow leo :D

LiL Alien

انا اللي خلاني ادمن على بولا بهالفتره اخوي الكبير، ولا انا صغيره انا من جيل النيوكدز اون ذي بلوك، اهنيه كانت بداية الاحتراف بسماع الاجنبي عندي، بس هالاغنية حق بولا حيل تعجبني و شدتني علشان فكرة انه ادميه مع انميشن "تثقفنا عقب ما كنا نقول مع افلام كرتون، مو شخصيه كرتونيه بعد " و هم بعد حقبة
who framed roger rabbit :D