Wednesday, 8 August 2007

To my K750i ,, كفيت ووفيت

ِِA serious fall right on the asphalt caused the screen to get broken on the side, which was the only reason that spared the poor device the agony of it being my mobile. The K750i survived ME for more than a year, which is with a regular user comes to be 10 years! Falling down is one of the many activities any mobile I own should be used to, however this last fall caused the screen to be broken! which made me buy an other one, although am waiting for the K850i with 5 Mega Pixel camera OR the T650i ,,, tough luck

The broken screen up close and the things on the screen that appear like dust are actually scratches that grew over time on my poor K750i

An other view of the bends & scratches spread around the mobile cover along with the lost "Quick Share" sticker that used to fill the space under the Zero in the keypad

The Sony Ericsson word printed beside the logo also faded away, which is a thing that I till now can not explain how did it happen

Last but not least my choice for the time being was the SonyEricsson K810i. So far 0 falls, days elapsed 2, a Q80-ChillGirl record...

For the record, the K750i is still working, the only thing that made me get an other one is that the scratch in the screen bothered me & almost sliced my cheek ;p


outlaw said...

did a car ran over it? :x my K750i is still alive but the screen got some scratches and the quick share sticker is lost as well but it's alive :P

the K850i should be arriving the end of this month of next month i can't remember,,, R.I.P :P

Purgatory said...

umm, strange post :)

الله يرحمه، أي ول مس هم

commenter said...


itkasreena bl 3afya :P

LiL ALiEN said...

نفس تيلفوني

وشايلني صارله تقريبا سنتين ونص وقبل شهر تقريبا طاح مني والكاميرا قامت تخرف ماتصور

وحاليا نفس حالتج ناطر K850i

ان شاء الله موعد نزولة بالسوق شهر اكتوبر حسب موقع السوق الرسمي لسوني اركسون

B's Sanctuary said...

May Your Phone Rest in Peace :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL nope just used by me ;p
and for the record it's still alive :D




Allah y3afeek :D

LiL ALien

انا للحين مافيه شي يدق و يصور وايبدع بس الكسر اللي بالشاشه حسيت انه بدا يجرح خدي لوول و هم الجزء العلوي اللي فيه مؤشر البطارية صار اسود الكسر عميق شوي

و على ال850 متوقعه انه بيكون شي حلو بس بما اني توني ماخذه سابر شوت فااا بكرفه شوي بعدين اخذ التلفون الموعود بو5ميجا بكسل

B's Sanctuary

:D I plan to fix it ,, so the poor thing might have to stay a live a bit more, i might use it for places i wouldn't want to take my new mobile to

3AJEL said...

الوفاء شيء نادر بهالزمن

Q80-Chill Girl said...


صاج و الله :>

3baid said...

Off topic: Have you been getting my emails? You haven't responded to any of them so I'm just checking :o

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Yes i did dear, but looks like there is a problem with hotmail & google or to be more presice my hot mail account & the gmail accounts am sending e-mails too? its not only you but I think also Jackie too did not get my e-mail? I'll resend it, if it didnt work then i'll send 'em through my gmail, same as hotmail just without hotmail after the @ ;p