Monday, 13 August 2007

Pillow Talk & Anti-Reason

Once there was a dear blogger around, his nickname was Anti-Reason, I used to like his blog a lot & loved his quizez even more, also there was his contribution with Esetch in the Red Danube novel to be :) which was amusing, and there is a blog dedicated to it, an other blogger linked to him is the dearest Kuwaiti Demon, all those 3 great persons/ bloggers I follow silently due to lack of time to comment, which is a thing that makes me lose contact with a lot who might think I don't visit their blogs, sorry to all :) who know I read for them or don't. Back to Anti-Reason who I miss so much in the blog-o-sphere, latelly he has been on my mind a lot, I wish him happiness & good health at all times & in any where in this world :D

Anti-Reason once recommended an old romantic comedy, since I like this genre and spoke about it in the post that I linked just a few words back from those, he advised me to see it, time passed by & I got to see Pillow Talk. I liked it so much that I kept seeing the recorded tape with the Channel 2 logo on all the time "ANYTHING other than the movie appears on the screen, gets on my nerves" & the ADs which I have to fast forward because I left the VCR recording & saw it later :P I enjoyed this movie and since that day it became one of my all time favorites. Today I downloaded it, although am waiting for its DVD :D but couldn't resist when I found it through uTorrent. I love this movie & recommend it to ALL romantic comedy lovers.

Last but not least, Anti-Reason like Pillow Talk drew a smile on my face & on many other bloggers/ blog readers faces :D may he be well at all times, and all other bloggers I miss.


Zahra said...

I love that movie! It has always been one of my favorites.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Did you notice Doris's style? I loved her style, clothes and colors!

Purgatory said...


البوست مغبر حيــل، بس مــا أدري هل من البلوجرز اللى انقرضو، أو من الفيلم


the kingdom in the closet said...

They should just ban all the new films like (what's his face?) Harry Pothead, Lord of the Rings etc. to allow re-runs of classics such as Pillow Talk, Annie Hall, Casablanca, Manhattan, National Velvet, Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffanys' etc etc.
Normally, I am not the one to call for banning anything but lately, I have seen one too many newer flicks to make such a suggestion.
Ps : Bye the bye, I love Doris's voice even more than her acting skills.

LiL ALiEN said...

Anti-Reason من الاشخاص اللي كان متابع مدونتي وكنت اتابع مدونته .. واذكر ان اهداني في يو من الايام بوست عن قضية الاطباق الطائره لدى معهد الابحاث .. وكانت عباره عن مقتطفات من جرايد قديمة .. واذكر ان حطها بالفليكر .. حاولت كثيرا ان احتفظ فيها بس ماقدرت اسحبها على نقاول عاليه .. حاولت اني اراسل "انتي ريسون" لكن لم يستجيب لإيميله

اللي يعرف عنه اي شي .. يريت يقوله خل يزورني

Q80-Chill Girl said...

the Kingdom in the closet

banning new films :p well I cant agree about the lord of the rings, i love it, haven't seen a good fiction/ adventure movie for a long while,,, how ever on the quality of movies i do agree with you, the good ones are few,,, Doris's voice is nice, pretty sharp & strong although it doesn't show when she talks normally :D


و انا انادي باللي تقوله ،، يا ريت لو احد يبلغه ،، لانه صج له مكان خالي

عساه بخير وين ماكان

و اهم شي النقاول ،، الصور اللي النقاول فيها موش ولا بووود ماتنفع

jumping translocation said...

Mademoiselle Chill :

If you've liked Pillow Talk that much you may also want to check out - Move Over, Darling.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

jumping translocation


Thank you Monsieur

I will check it out soon, read the plot & I think its a good one :D

q80_demon said...

Oh WOW! I can't believe I overlooked this post, probably because like you I'm a silent reader whose blogging habits tend to be infrequent.

I suggest you refer to this post:
(the second picture should be of special interest ;-)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Kuwaiti Demon

THANK YOU, big time

for the comment and the reassurance :D amazing how you pass by something thinking its an every day thing and after a while discover a link between it and your thoughts! :D I saw ur post previously but lets say too vague mysteries do not attract me so I let it go, not knowing it might bring a bigger smile

again thank you :D