Sunday, 18 May 2008

From here and there

its been a long week, been through a lot and have a lot to deal with this week, on the top is the new proposed work plan.

democracy in elections, is the ruling of the majority and not the best in your eyes, your people decide weather they are the best or not by the ones they elect.

words seem to lose their way when it comes for me to talk or write! pictures might help a little?

facebook is seeming to be meaningless by the day, i will stay for the mean time for the news about events around, the groups over there are very useful, what if we can do that for blogs? i have the idea of this website that groups from all sorts are gathered in, they publish their news and you subscribe to them! without the need to go to a site that keeps wanting to know who you are and tell the whole world with what it knew :)

flixter the movie application in facebook, i'm still looking for a way to get it into my blog i saved a lot of information about the movies i have seen

i need a vacation, yet i do have this new thing to implement, the preparation stage followed by implementation will take 4 weeks min., i think i will try to postpone the vacation plan to later.

to be continued....

continued :D

April, 3
i think :/ not sure of the date, will confirm it later

After the "Mzayeen Al-Ebil" thing ended we went there out of curiosity, and in the picture is the curious female camel that scared the hell out of me! i never thought i would jump out of the seat and stick to the window beside me that fast when this funny thing took a peak from above lol


Marzouq said...

it has been a hectic week for sure! I have never joined face book and I never will! :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


good choice!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!