Thursday, 29 May 2008

From here and there

I find my self to be easily drawn towards Kuwaiti young authors, their books are attracting and interesting to me since it gives me a feel of how would the people of my generation think and consider a text they wrote worth publishing, will post some review that was written late 2006 i think lol , shows you how messy my writings are!

لماذا يستورد الصغار في هذا المجتمع اشنع ما في الثقافة الغربية؟ فيديو شاهدته من فترة اثار حفيضتي و احزنني، ساكتب عن هذا الموضوع باسهاب، و بدلا من مراقبة المدونات فليراقب المراقبون ثقافة الجيل القادم، و كم لدينا من كتاب/ فنانين/ مفكرين/ فلاسفه/ باحثين و علماء قبل ان يغلقوا الابواب التي يسهل تخطيها ب "بروكسي" صغيروونوو

I was so scared today when I was up on the stage, literally shaking, it didn't show from far, but I felt better when I heard the whistling and clapping :D I really love my colleges for giving me this boost

نزول اقنعة المنافقين شيئ جميل :) قد يكون مؤلماً حين يكون لهم بالقلب/ العقل مكانه لكنه بر الامان في تلك العلاقة التي بنيت على التمثيل،، صعقت بمدى سذاجتي! اعتقدت باني اصبحت اكثر حذراً و نضجا،،، بس كنت غلطاااانه :} كل طراق بتعلومة

Categorization is the latest trend among us:
she3i/ sunni / bdowi/ 7theri/ 3wa2el/ qba2el/ salafi/ ekhwanchi/ liberally..... With that we are recalling all our differences and forgetting that we are in the end just, Kuwaitis.


EXzombie said...

منو الي زعلج

يبا انا شاريج، و مالج شغل في العالم دول

خليها على رابونا

و فضفضيلي يا شيخة مالك......؟!؟

Q80-Chill Girl said...

EXzombie - the psychologist

ما تقصر و مشكور :} احرجتني حتى لو كنت زعلانه انا خلاص مو زعلانه،،، والفضفضه بجم مقاله قادمه بطلع اللي بقلبي من عقب الفيديو اللي شفته

dali said...

i was there and i saw you

dali said...

Marina Hotel

Q80-Chill Girl said...


if the meant with the name is Salvatore Dali, then I like you already :D

how do you know its me? and if i was the person you think i am, it is out of courtesy that you introduce ur self since you knew me :p assuming its me who u think it is me :D

dali said...

May i know which artwork you like the most? (talking about Dali ofcourse)

the word " i saw you" was used majazeyyan,,ofcourse i dont know you but being there makes me certain that i saw you even without knowing you..

anyhows, there was one and only one person who was it must be you :P (kidding)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I don't have a favorite piece, but I like his over all way of painting, I see him as the dreams painter, as real as the items he draws he presents them in an unreal way :) and he does define surrealism in the modern time

LOL on the mjazeyan ;p well although u gave me a tranquilizer, you did indicate that the circle is narrow now :>