Friday, 30 May 2008

Last weekend

Spent sometime clearing out the pilled movies "to be seen" saw the listed below:

fast food nation

The movie is disturbing but true, highlights some of the issues in the dark side of the fast food industry, I can't say I enjoyed it, as I said I thought its disturbing but the peek in the world of fast food was enlightening! it could have been made better


The movie mostly took place around Morocco, the people there did not speak with their accent instead this Arabic/ fixed with some Egyptian/ Lebanese accent is made up! that ruined the feel of the country they were in! It was a mutant language, however the foreign viewer would hardly care for that :D translation solves it, but for me it was annoying!

The plot is good, and highlighting "Rendition" as a desperate measure to protect the "national security" of the USA raised and given a big part after 9.11, and what if this ren violated the life of an innocent person?

All in all I liked the movie


Not the usual Sandra Bullock type of movie, the cute lovable girl we are used to from speed, miss congeniality and the ever cute movie while you were sleeping I simple love her goofy moments. In this one she is a mother/ wife that wakes up every day to face a challenge between what is real and what is not, on the edge of her loosing sense she out smarts this thing that hits her and gets things back on track trying to fix her life and be normal again not knowing that no matter what she does, she will not escape from her fate. A very nice drama and kinda reminded me of Lake House, she is linking this theme of movies as it seems :)


Anonymous said...

How come people either think Sandra Bullock is lovable and goofy or comepletly annoying and idiotic? No in-betweens! :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3baaaaaaaaaaid :D

LOL beats me, its true nothing in between when it comes to people judging her

Anonymous said...

I think she's hot!

Loved the movie!