Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The airport

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She walked into the airport filled with dreams and hopes, the biggest of all is to see who was he and how he looked like! After being around her for so long he grew on her. His attention was overwhelming, it made her jump out of her sanity and try to have a piece of him in her life.

As she walked into the airport for some reason she lost all her confidence, felt weak and vulnerable, her feet dragged her to see what she knows is not her's. As she stepped closer to the coffee shop her heart almost popped out of her chest, she stood in line trying to hide her fear, waiting for her turn to order, she was shocked with how pathetic this is! going to see a married man in an airport while he is leaving to meet his wife, the same man who wanted it all from her and his wife, he had a steady life he can't lose, and had her, the crazy young fling. She knew very late of their relationship that he had a family, that all this care and attention came from an unreachable man. People make mistakes and she did, but loved him enough to fear for his life, tried to push him away and get her out of his system, not realizing that she is going deeper!

With her attempts to see what is it that he likes about her and compare it to what his wife offers other than being the mother of his children and the woman who is beside him at all times, searching naively for a way to kill his interest in her, she thought that she was nothing more than "just an other woman".

Nothing allured her to know him more than his care for the every single detail of her! She was amazed to know such a man exists, one who would actually care for even her pinky toe and like it.

As she took her drink, re-read his sms that he will not be able to be there after he promised last night and as they agreed to see each other once and end this because its wrong! She realized that she was stupid enough to chaise a dream she never owned! She looked at people around her in the airport, departures, arrivals and the wanderers like her, she could not find him, instead she got a slap into her face from reality. All of a sudden she snapped out of it and felt so foreign to who she really is:

How could I think of doing this?
Why did I fall in love with him in the first place?
Why didn't I simply block him out of my life?
Am I that desperate for love?
Am I that ugly second woman in a man's life?

She could see things clearly again, guilt filled her but she got back, she was lost from her self for a while now, everything was simple again....

She sent him this sms:

As I walked in and out of the airport chaising you, a lost dream I never owned, I realized how wrong I am and how sorry I am to be in your life. I know you will never be mine, neither will I*. Good bye my childish dream, I wish you all the best, I hope you reNEW your love to your wife, for I know she deserves more from you. I don't want a reply from you on this sms and it will be the last from me.

To her dissapoint he replied with a simple "Thank you" he too knew what's right, he too knew how fragile she is when it comes for love and knew very late that he hurt her like no other!

They are both gone now, in separate roads.

[My first short story,, to be published :D. Your comments are highly appreciated]

*p.s: Thank you 3baid


Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Niiice..! Sha6ra mashala.. Bs maybe a little more detail... Bs that would kill the concept of a "short story" loool.. 7elo 7elo, keep going ! :)

Traveleer said...

its a very good first attempt. Maybe the experts will tell you what you need to add or fine tune. But overall it is enjoyable to read, and also leaves a few things for the imagination :)

Once I started writing a short story, the setting was an airport as well hehehe but I never finished it.

Ra-1 said...

Very touching story :(

Q80-Chill Girl said...


lol ur nickname is hilarious!

yes deliberatly I left a lot of details that I had in my mind to create some mystery around it and make it as short as possible

happy you liked it


Exactly :D i wanted the recieptant to immagine the details and think the way they want, depends on their mentality and previous experiences

As for the airport, for me it has a certain charm, its a place for experiences, ones that started or ended :)

try to finish it, see how things go and how your ideas form it


glad it touched you, this means I did a good job :}

Anonymous said...

"I know you will never be mine, neither I will."

shouldn't it be, "nor will I be yours" ?

Bloboz said...

I don't get why you kept this hidden talent for so long!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


your right :D edited, thank yooooouuuuu

It should have been: neither will I

"be yours" is hidden ;p i didnt want to repeat it, and using nor is also good! come to think of it i should review the whole story, i have this weird way of expressing my self when i write quickly :D definitely a big thank you to you dear for ur note :D


*me blushing* :p

well i have a lot written and hidden, both in Arabic and English. Im thinking of publishing more in the up coming era of blogging, soon my blog will be 4 years old :D

Thank you for the sweet compliment its a great boost :>

The Talker said...

ما شا الله ، جدا أثرت فيني القصة ، اندماج المشاعر فيها ، وكيف ممكن صحوة الانسان تظهر في آخر لحظات الوقوع في الخطأ ، وكيف ان القدر له طريقه في تعديل الامور .. شكرا لهذه اللحظات ، اتمنى نشوف غيرها : )
keep going

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The Talker

thank you :D im glad you liked, i will keep on writing and trying

dali said...

Few posts ago, you mentioned expo 2008. thought the following link would be of interest to you!


Q80-Chill Girl said...


thank you :D 3 months later lol, im so sorry the delay was not intentional! thank you for the link