Thursday, 15 October 2009

Color result of a hennaed head 5

و خضبت شجاعتها بالحناء

مريضة سرطان قررت ان تقهر تساقط شعرها بفعل العلاج الكيميائي بالحناء! لا اعلم من اين اتتها الفكرة و لكنها ألهمتني بتفاؤلها، فلم ترى رأس من دون شعر فقط، بل رأت انها مساحة لنقش الفن و الجمال، دليل صريح على اننا نحدث الفرق بين الجميل و البشع بانفسنا ،، التالي نص الرسالة من مجموعة تطوعية كويتية التي من خلالها علمت عن مريضة السرطان الجميلة

Care and Share

هذا لنـك لـ
عندها أكاونت في فلكر و اهو موقع للتصوير ..وهم اهي لها خبره بنقش الحنه .. و راحت لها مريضة سرطان .. تطلب منها انها ترسم لها بالحنه على راسها بدل ماتلبس غطاء الراس مال المرضى .. بعد ما تساقط شعرها بسبب علاج الكيماوي
الموضوع حلو وايد .. حبينا اتشاركونا بالاطلاع على الموضوع واهو يبين لنا مدى التفاؤل اللي تتمتع فيه هالمريضه .. ويبعث التفاؤل في نفوسنا كلنـا ^_^

This is a link for
She owns an account on flickr .. It’s a photography site and she does a great henna paints
Some day a cancer patient came to her.. And asked her to draw some henna flowers on her head instead of wearing a wig...
This is a great subject we want to SHARE it with you.. This shows us how this patient still have a hope, faith and satisfaction about how she looks..Also spread optimism to all of us

Special Thanks to Olga .. Great job ^_^

p.s: they are the "we care" group but changed their name to "care and share" :) their blog linked above will be updated later on.


Roshomon was Here said...

Good on her! For all you know, research may some day point to a beneficial effect of henna on suppressing tumour growth. Compared to the rest of the Gulf you find fewer young women in Kuwait sporting hennaed palms and hands? Also, unlike in Bahrain, Qatar and the Emirates why is it that there aren't manny henna parlors knocking about in Kuwait, itching for your custom ?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

:) I would explain it as personal preference, I have no reason in mind to reflect the minority you see in hennaed hands, but personally I don't prefer to do so however, for a while used to use it on my hair :>

I don't like semi-permanent changed in my skin color, although I might go for it later maybe! am not against it, I was fond of it as a child especially in the Eid

And in the Islamic culture it is one of Heaven's trees and considered a very beneficial one, many stuff are written and said about its benefits so am sure what you said is very true :)

No itching here :) just personal preferences :>

Fa Kala Bakala said...

Your hennaed head post was a light bulb moment for me. It gave me food for thought on how best I should be covering the greys - on my stubble as well as what little hair I have remaining on my scalp. Interestingly, I could find henna in Souk Mubarakiya that colours your hair black, and not brown which is what I was after all this time. Merci beaucoup for that!
Now I understand why many men in Kuwait (weirdly enough even those sporting Oxbridge accents) and indeed, some in Abu Dhabi get tatoo designs done with henna on their chests, mid-riffs, inner thighs, backs and buttocks in some cases. Such fusion henna tatoos blend brilliantly well with the regional vernacular. Hope hennaed tatoos don't become a taboo though, anytime soon!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

They will never be a taboo/Haram :) since the issue with Islam and Tatoo's is that they are permanent on the skin, hence a major change in God's gift "the body", Henna is not and won't be permanent, even if some use henna and after a short while die, it will fade away from their skin, unlike the "ink" Tatoo :>

DK said...

awwwhh thats SO cute !!

i love to see brave woman like her :P ildinya lisa bkheer...