Sunday, 4 October 2009


Some types of people that I stumbled across during my day, in the streets of our beloved Kuwait :)

- Am expensive

For some reason, the people who drive expensive cars "the more expensive, the more extreme they get" have the illusion that they are alone in the road :) If your car is less expensive, crossing you is not an option they step on you, since you do not exist. Also for some reason I think they see it a bit offensive if they used the light signals to change lanes! You have to use telepathy around them. Yes one more thing, the do think that they own the road, in their cars are the papers for it in case you doubt that! Watch out! For the heck of it, they tend to be nicer with cars similar to their price range.

- You are not a 4x4

Some ,, hmm MOST 4x4 drivers around, think other cars are either 4x4 or a mosquito, you do not exist if you are smaller 4x4, and do not think that you are bigger than an atom if you are a small sedan! Of course, you have to make way for them! And if you don't it really doesn't matter they will run over you any way. Losing your privacy is a risk you might face when you stop at a light sign with a 4x4 beside you.

- The Lane creators

There are drivers who are not satisfied with the laws of traffic, when it comes to creating lanes Hawally or Jabriyah are probably the best examples, there is the legal lane and the people lane, it starts with the car nose fight and ends up with you being scared to hell to get your car scratched just because someone thinks that the legal lanes are not good enough for them.

- You are invisible

Also there are some who think they are alone in the road, so making them get to where they want is your problem, you have to make room for them, be alert with brakes! and make room for them to stay alive. A criteria that widely includes elders.

- The crash makers!

If whats above is not enough, then try the crash makers. Even if you are the best driver in the world they manage to get you in trouble, sudden brakes is their best game! Be aware people! Also the fake signal maneuver, they trick you when signaling to the right while you see the whole car suddenly turning LEFT, a restaurant delivery car specialty I might add! And nevertheless, the ones who see your brake lights and think you are moving and when they bump your car "Oh, sorry, I thought you were moving" throwing all the technology integrated in a car to make it tell you when is it stationary and when is it moving, in the drain!


3baidsblog said...

9a7 ilsanich! :]

Especially these days, now that schools have started, traffic is getting out of control :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3baaaaid :>

9a7 ur body :p and I forgot to mention the morning zombies! very popular among parents who want to drop their kids at school still half asleep and think they are alone in the road :D and if God forbids and your in front of them you are automatically responsible for making the road clear for them, else you will be run over :p