Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Scattered thoughts

Why apologize for a scratch when you left a big wound before? If you needed people to tell you that you scratched someone, then you probably do not even know that you wounded that person :) I honestly think that feeling for others is a blessing! And the ability to express your self well, is too, a big blessing!

Dead tired and sleepy! trying to hold up till 9pm at least

Blackberry Messenger abuse!
- When some flood you with broadcasts
- When get invited to a group of total strangers, for no obvious common factor but the group maker
- When you get the broadcast message again, from a mutual friend of the broadcaster! and yes they know!
- When they send you a broadcast asking you to broadcast!
- When you see the person sitting beside you looking at your BB wanting you to read their message knowing that currently you are talking to a person face to face!

Taking Vitamin C regularly, in hopes of avoiding the widely spreading flu

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