Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tulip breaking virus

What causes a Tulip to look like the picture above is a virus, originally that is, currently its more deliberate and is caused by breeding :> What was once a disease is now a profession.


Anonymous said...

So tulips still look nice even when they're sick? :}

Marzouq said...

They do look pretty, never knew breeding could make viruses for plants!

brown-suger said...

so the virus thing is human made. walla mn allah?!.. wayid ga3da ala7'6 inna el scientist nowadays are playing with genes.. espacially 3l plants o that stuff..madry laish!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

seeeee :D and that is why i absolutely adore them in any shape and state :>

Nope its VS, it was a virus that hits the plants and hence they get those broken petals look and were expensive btw! bas now they try to memic that effect by breeding and it works :D

No the virus mn Allah bas it gave tulips this look that made its price go up :> bas nowadays they try to resemble that look by breeding...

Genetic engineering is long back, and the researchers i guess are amazed by the outcomes and try to get what they think is optimum?! bas personally am against it, unless its beneficial medically, because i prefer to eat/use natural stuff :}