Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Thoughts on the 5th

It is a very strange feeling when you wake up from a dream hitting the floor, especially if it was a nice dream! And when you wake up, you find out its just an illusion?!

Perfect, as much as I enjoyed the word perfect I saw all the imperfections around. Couldn't help it :> The odd thing though is that I can be a perfectionist but hate being perfect! But as some say "Kamla w el kamel Allah" to praise a "she" I do think that perfection is out of our reach.

Smell, I was thinking to my self that how amazing the sense of smell is. In terms of memory, I realized also that it is less powerful compared to my visual memory.

When ever the brain & feelings intersect, the definition of Right or Wrong can be different from its reality, however I think that if we leave it to the brain we will get a more accurate decision, not necessarily a satisfying one. The feelings (aka heart) may go on the right direction, but not often hence the brain presence is a must, nevertheless, a few bits of madness are not so bad.

It is amazing how many thoughts you can think of during a day, let alone your life time! Many come across and I forget to document. I plan to document more.

I've heard it before but just knew it is called "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven. I love Wikipedia :D

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