Saturday, 24 April 2010

114 : Toothbrush

Every two weeks or so I have a new toothbrush. I usually go for any regular one, this time I said why not try Oral-B! Took this one thinking that its just a toothbrush with plastic thingies in it, used it based on that assumption, to find out when I was done that its the electric one :p

Turned on the thingie in it, it really felt weird and uncomfortable! I didnt feel that I was in control of the instrument and felt harsh on my inner cheek. However, the toothbrush alone is GREAT! the plastic parts in it went through between my teeth and cleaned them well, I didn't need to floss that much after I was done brushing. Its a success :D minus the electric part :p


Think Like An Alien; Act Like A Human said...

I know what you mean; it feels funny. I went through this "must get an Oral B electric tooth brush" phase in 2003-2004. It left me with a painful oral ulcer. So I began to change the regular tooth brush every month and it gave me good results. Of course, it helps to brush your teeth and massage your gums twice a day every day, at least. Or after you've indulged at the chocolatier ou boulangerie. Sadly, in many places the oral health aspect of primary schooling which addresses oral hygiene issues is completely not there so that if you are having bad dentition as a child you will continue doing as an adult.
I am most grateful to the kind dentist, Dr Dajjani for showing me to brush my teeth the right way - both the outer and the inner surfaces, smooth circular motion moving away from the margins of the gum toward the tooth. Equally, as I am finding out now it's super to only drink Diet Coke or Coke Zero and that too with a straw which minimizes direct contact with the dentine enamel. So much for tooth brushing!
These days I only use herbal tooth paste ( a pea sized amount) and go native with my fingers. Tooth brush is relegated to the laundry list of items I find increasingly redundant including, the daily newspaper. Tactile finger touch also helps to massage the gums very well.

Q80-ChillGirl said...


I discovered one good thing about it, is that when am done brushing I turn it on and clean it up :p it kinda helps me to clean it.. Nevertheless, YES knowing HOW TO brush your teeth is essential or what ever you have been doing goes down the drain :/