Friday, 30 April 2010

120 : Parking

It is very annoying how some people do not pay attention to how they park! Today I had little time to stop at True Value - Alrai, and saw this parking spot as I went into it, I found out that I cannot fit my car properly! Lucky it was the last spot, I had to get my car very close to the pavement on my right, if there were an other car to my right I wouldn't even think of going into that parking spot.

So, to every one who reads this, or know anyone in this world, PLEASE park your cars well, stay with in the lines on the street :]


Pisces Chick said...


Om Noor said...

I really like your topics i found it interesting !

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Pisces Chick
Yes it is :) so lets spread the knowledge around :D

Om Noor
Thank you :D you made me happy with this compliment dear :>

Juliane Haley said...

I think this is wishful thinking! But we can dream, right?