Tuesday, 27 April 2010

117 : Draft

I still prefer to write drafts or thoughts by hand, can't get my self to rely on the PC. I only use it when am sure of what I will say or if its something short, can easily be seen in one page!

The pen above, Uni-Ball micro is my favorite to write in, after the Stabilo Point 88. They both make my handwriting readable :>


Maryam said...

I guess we share the same test for pens!

Traveleer said...

hello :)
I used to write thoughts, ideas and outlines by hand. But this is long gone, now I just type everything I want directly into word.
and yes nobody can read my writting not even your beloved pen can make it readable :P

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Great minds think a like :p

Hiiiiii :D
long time no see :D I'm trying to get my self to stick to typing but I just cant :/ getting back to a hard copy is easier than a soft one :> am old fashioned in that area I gess :p