Friday, 2 April 2010

Via Merriam Webster

While browsing through Merriam Webster online Dictionary I came across the latest top ten list called "words from the Bible":

1. Kiss of Death: kiss of death was given by Judas to Jesus. It identified Jesus for the arresting soldiers who would send him to his crucifixion.

2. Feet of Clay : The prophet Daniel deciphered the king's vision, observing that the feet of clay signified weakness. (Daniel 2:42)

3. Forbidden Fruit: Forbidden fruit names a pleasure that's immoral, illegal, or both.

4. Shibboleth: Today, it usually describes a trite idea or platitude, or a slogan or catchword.

5. Fig Leaf: Today a fig leaf refers metaphorically to something that conceals or camouflages (usually inadequately or dishonestly).

6. Armageddon: Armageddon names the site (or time) of the conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil.

7. Doubting Thomas: It was Thomas the Apostle who wouldn't believe in the resurrection until he actually touched the wounds of Jesus, who then lost his doubt, but doubting Thomas came to name any incredulous or habitually doubtful person.

8. Straight and Narrow: Straight and narrow came to describe the rules of propriety and rectitude.

9. Good Samaritan: Good Samaritan now names someone who generously aids those in distress.

10. Kingdom Come: Kingdom come is heaven, or the next world – a place, one hopes, of absolute peace.

The above were excerpts from the top ten words from the Bible, most of them were very new to me and interesting. An other reason why I love the internet :} quick easy information a few clicks away :>

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