Thursday, 29 April 2010

119 : Small Big

Salad Boutique in Jabriyah is very tiny, cute and cozy. However, it was annoying to me, they did a great job on the interior design and over all atmosphere, still the small space did not make the dine in experience so nice. Also the fact that the kitchen is very close the smell of the cooking was all over the place, ventilation was good though! The food was nice I love their salad, appetizers (potatoes with cheese, plum prawn). The risotto was too sticky. Above all, I still like their "Chicken liver salad - My favorite by Ghadeer K". I think its a winner with salads but not on risotto! Next time will try their burgers.

In view of the above and the fact that I placed the camera on the table this way, gave the place some depth, an almost unrealistic one :) .... virtue, not every thing you see is true.


Anonymous said...

3alaich have to try the Casadeya Salad..and the Cheese burger Salad..we used to get the order take away..never eat time i'll order upon your recommendation..i think we have the same taste..that day i followed you when you recommended napket..o ashwa kaan latheeth o ma fashalteeny jeddam elly ma3ay:))

Q80-ChillGirl said...


:D glad u liked my recommendation