Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Diet and Rediet

Recapping with my diet that I started a year ago :] I lost 14KG so far and joined the gym after starting the diet shortly, to regain my fitness and lose weight more easily. So far the result is great el7mdillah. I stopped dieting last June and instead I educated my self, Learned about the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) that tells you how much calories do you need to maintain your weight and by learning the calories in food, also I searched nutritional information in food, with all that I could control the calorie intake, hence lose weight or maintain it when needed. I do not want to rush with the weight loss without keeping my fitness in mind, currently am happy with the result :} still have weight to lose, but taking it easy and steadily.

I mainly focused on correcting my diet and food habits, it is not easy and I am still trying to be more healthy but doing it gradually is helping a lot. My meals are more organized and the consumed portion is as much as I need :) not "want".


think alien; act human said...

I used to be a big fan of diet myself until someone at school reminded me the terminal "t" in the word "diet" can become silent if you ever took them to heart.

On the subject of BMR and BMI did you know that skin fold thickness is increasingly becoming important in mapping one's physical fitness and it follows therefore; one's risk of cardio-vascular ailments?

Q80-ChillGirl said...


Diet is a misunderstood word, it simply means an eating regime / program. The aim of slimming diets is to lose weight, its your choice to take the bad or good one. Also it is you who will chose to correct your eating habits that got you to an over weight, or stay with ur bad eating habits or lets say bad diet ;>

So the T is silent, with most peoples perspective of diet, not its true meaning :)

Nope I didnt know about the SFT issue :> will look it up, thx :D