Monday, 9 August 2004


Click the title to see the picture, which is form some production company in this world !! But its the closest to what my smile looked like after the comments.

I really didn't expect to see any comments on this deserted BLOG at this time, it was "THE" nicest thing that ever surprised me although I'm not much of a surprise fan, but definitely LOVED it. Its so amazing to come across a simple thing like a comment that would make you happy for the rest of the day :} & the next day too.. So this post is a big thank you for the guy's who found my blog & cared to comment .. I will chill here & keep up posting.

mean while I hope you enjoy THIS LOVE by Maroon5 .. Although my favorite song from this album is SHIVER but I'm still looking for it on the net.. Till then :) chill with "THIS LOVE".