Tuesday, 24 August 2004

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The Blog Of The Week is ??@@?? :

None other than the FAMOUS


A lot of Kuwaiti & non Kuwaiti bloggers go to this Kuwaiti blog done by Zaydoun. Although in the introduction about him self he says " Failed writer" it is not true (as I think). I couldn't find a better description for the blog other than what he said about it "Random thoughts, commentary & gossip from Kuwait''.
There you will find every thing to know about Kuwait, local events, opinions and it is probably the most famous of all Kuwaiti blogs :} which
started around the time that the Iraq liberation war started last year. After you read an article or two you will know why is this guy SO good ! & you will keep visiting. It's the first Kuwaiti BLOG I ever knew about through an AD in the Mad M2000 Yahoo!Group (who is now a blogger member ) that spreads the famous Kuwaiti cartoonist work through the internet.

Back to
Zaydoun, here are a few articles I liked but are nothing compared to the archive he has 'these are resent articles', search it you will find a lot of interesting topics, opinions and amusing subjects.
The chosen articles (it was hard not to list all of the ones I like but this is quick search) :
  • Flattery Will Get You Nowhere With Me!! , which is the article to read if you wish to know how good is this guy.
  • Playlist August 14-20, weekly-regular post :) enjoy it.
  • I Want a Robot! , even movies can give this man an inspiration.
  • Little Victories , do you want to know Kuwait's inside view? read some of what he has to say. This one regarding Kuwaiti women & sports.
  • Read a book. It's good for you! , one of my favorites posts since I'm new reader & pro reading.
  • Also there is fun :} an article not based on something controversial (which some how turned into a contreversal issue in my mind, regarding education in Kuwait & .. @@ see !! this guy makes me think alot, that makes him good):

Cambridge University English Test

  • Chocolate Heaven , the YUMMY-est article.. if your not sure yet! Go try it :}.
  • Mad M2000 Throws In The Towel! , The Famous Kuwaiti cartoonist has a bite from Zaydoun's blog .
  • What is a LIBERAL? , GREAT post is the only comment I have about this one since it tackles a very controversial issue in the Kuwaiti society (the definition to what a liberal is !!).

The list goes on & on the archives start from March 2003 .. so you can see it's a bit hard to dig into them :} go to the blog & enjoy if you are open minded. Although I don't agree with all of his opinions but definetly admire the way he writes, very sharp in his opinions, clear, spontanious and creative.

This is one good professional Kuwaiti blogger... and it is true as the e-mail I first read about the blog says " ZAYDOUN RULES!!" & he does among the bi-lingual Kuwaiti blogs.

Cheers to Zaydoun.


Zaydoun said...

Q8 Chill... I'm speechless!!

Thank you for your very kind words, I am honored that you appreciate what I write even if it's only something I do to pass the time.

All the best


Q80-Chill Girl said...


You earned it, ur most welcome :).