Sunday, 22 August 2004

SmiLe :} .. Observe the disaster afterwards!

Not much for the intro today :) I will go straight to it since a smile today "AGAIN" went to someone's mind in the wrong direction!.. Smiling in Kuwait is somehow turned into a crime, surely this doesn't apply to all people here in Kuwait nor always BUT in general:

  • If you are a girl & smile in a man's face then your flirting.
  • If your a girl & smiled in an other girls face then you have noticed something wrong in her outer look or your just a person who wants to make fun of her.

The thing is a smile is a part of being friendly not really for any other reason! Why is it so hard to smile here with out un-wanted attention. There is DEFINITELY a huge difference between a flirt smile & a friendly one! SO why not assume all smiles are just friendly & not as a gate that says : Hey !! Can we flirt. When will all people see a smile as it is ONLY & nothing behind it ?.


SoooMa said...

I liked your subject because it happens a lot here in Kuwait and no one talked about it. I don't know what we should do in this situation. Should we walk without smiling or just be like robots? Well, I always smile and don't care for people's reaction. So just keep smiling :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Well me too :) it didn't stop me from smilling but some how there are a few situations that made me kinda smile less, which is a thing I can't help :} so I go back smiling.

Maryam said...

Go for it Girls! SMILE! Maybe everyone fears smiling for the reasons that u stated b4. But, if we start smiling, maby there will be fellowers ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Will do :}.

Mark said...

come on girls, dont make things harder on us guys. keep it simple, its already too confusing. how else is a guy gonna know if a girl is interested in him or not. its by the smile. if a guy looks at a girl, and she looks back and smiles.. thats a green light. if she looks away anoyed, thats a red light. now if a girl smiles at another girl i think that should have the same effect ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Come on @@ you guys know the difference between a friendly smile & a flirt smile :} I'm not gona look grumpy just not to confuse any one bec. if I do I would look so ugly, look into the eyes if its that hard :D I mean like if its an innocent smile the girl would pass by with out looks ! but if she is intrested she would look & maybe that would make it more obvious.. if she is shy then it would be really confusing.