Sunday, 15 August 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

I should have posted this post yesterday but hmm I was in a BLOCKed mood :] .. Today a little better...

Without further delay the blog of the week isssssss !!@@!! :

MOBLOGGING FROM KUWAIT done by (as in the e-mail) Mark

If your into seeing pictures around Kuwait of various issues (Hardee's is there too), probably like EVERY THING you could & couldn't think of .. Its going to be fun for you.

Add to that the nice comments he adds to the pictures where they go from sarcastic,
nagging (which he is totally right about to be sure click the link!), bad Kuwait towers description (that one really made me laugh), serious, Loss of a dear friend (deepest condolences) to educational in a few pictures and never the less immages of some of the regretfully true flipped up situations in Kuwait.

I'm more of a cat loving girl but this DOG is sooo cute which I fell in love with its innocent look, its name (mentioned in the post) is "chips" :} that is one cute dog. And never the less the most amazing simplest effects picture I ever saw, simple yet attractive.. And a lot more .. It is actually one of the blogs that I must visit every day right after I check my e-mail :} to see the new pictures & comments on.

I hope every one likes it as much as I do. Last but not least a big cheer to Mark Chillout Kuwait's Blogger of the week.

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