Wednesday, 11 August 2004

Tuesday's chill place >> Starbucks .. Marina crescent

For me Tuesday is the best day to go out because:
  1. its not the weekend yet here in Kuwait therefore not a lot of people are out :).
  2. Since I was a kid I liked Tuesday because the day after it is TADAA: Wednesday the last day in school which passes very fast then the weekend is by the door ( I know some might think why not love Wednesday then ! If I loved it then I wouldn't be me, without the tendency to be different NEVER @!@) .. So the Love for Tuesday is pretty old.

ANY HOW the bottom line this Tuesday's chill place was Starbucks at marina crescent. I know most people already went to the coffee place also know that a lot go there to look at other people more than to enjoy a nice beverage or a bit !, which is a thing that makes me think very carefully which branch to go to & in which day. Some people might not believe it but I actually go there for the coffee I do LOVE their Ice Mocha with caramel inside NOT ON TOP :} & an extra shot of espresso YUMMY!! Also occasionally might take the chocolate surprise cake, although the biscuit's layer in it is a little hard to cut through but still I like it. So their branch at marina crescent is very nice, quiet, not a lot of people we actually sat there for 15 minutes alone till the next customers came in & I liked the couches fabric it had nice colors, a warm blend of brown & dark purple goes nicely with wall's color. Its nice if your a coffee fan try going to that branch where you can really sit down chill & relax.

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