Friday, 20 August 2004

This Friday's lunch >> Faked spaghetti

In order not to lose my cooking passion I usually practice it of Fridays :}, unless I have a lack of sleep !! I really enjoy my day off sleeping.

This Friday I made a spaghetti with the following ingredients & recipe..

4 Fresh medium sized tomatoes cut in to small squares
1 Large chopped (square) onion
1 minced meat pack ( aprox. 1kg)
1/2 tomato paste pack ( small KDD ones)
Salt, pepper, dry za'atar leaves
1 pack of spaghetti
1 table spoon of vegetable oil

How To Do It ?

1- Boil the pasta in water & add some salt, after the water boils in 10 minutes add one table spoon of vegetable oil. When ready take it from the hot water & wash it thoroughly with cold water so the pasta doesn't stick together.

2- Little amount of vegetable oil in a large pan fry the onions till the are out of the white color DON'T let them turn gold .. Then add the meat .. Stir till well cooked.

3-Add the salt,pepper & with ur hand crush the dry za'atar leaves so they would be very small & add the tomatoes to the mix, then a little bit of tomato past.. Taste it till it is good enough for you.

4- Put the pasta in the plate you want to serve it in, don't forget to roll it in a way you leave a space in the middle for the meat & tomato sauce.

Garlic Bread :

1- Fresh French bread .. I advice u with the "Delice Du France" ones in Mishrif Co.Op., or the ones in Sultan center.
2- 2 large garlic mashed with half a tea spoon of salt.
3- mozzarella cheese.

How To Do It?

1- Slice the French bread the way you like, the advisable is from the side in a slight angle ( the usual cut for the garlic bread) .. Thickness around 2cm.

2- Mash the garlic with the salt (salt is added to make the mashing thing easy, if u don't like it :} take it away).

3- On each slice of bread put some garlic paste then add some mozzarella cheese.

4- Put in the oven with an upper fire only on .. Till the cheese turns golden.

Bon A'petit

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