Sunday, 7 January 2007

I fixed it!

كان عندي مشكله بالكمبيوتر و حيرتني فتره طويييله و لاني وحده عنيده لازم احل المشكله بنفسي و استنفذ كل الحيل و العقل اللي عندي بعدين افكر باللجوء إلى الفنيين المختصين و هم لاني اؤمن بفكرة ان الحياة اتعلّم أحب اكرف عمري و استفيد، و في ليلة اليأس و القرار بأن أحل مشكلتي عند المختصين صباح اليوم الأحد! انحلت المشكله بعد جهد جهيد و زيارة لمواقع مللتني بس النتيجه خلتني انسى اللي تعبته خلال ساعتين :) و لهذا قررت اكتب هالحادثة باللجهة اللي انا نفسي ما ادري اهي عاميه ولا فصحى! بس المهم انها من قلبي

بالنهاية اكتشفت اني ما ادري وين دقمه حيوية! و بعد مالقيتها تميت افكر هل كل اللي سويته كان له داعي ولا لاء؟ مادري ولا راح ادري بس تعلمت درس مهم اليوم

القراءة و معرفة كل حيثيات المنتج اللي انت قاعد تكرفه أهم من إستخدامه

I should read more


Anonymous said...

okay what was the problem ?!!??!

Purgatory said...

"دقمه حيوية"

I have no idea what that is. said...

:: Mabrook :) i used to fix mine by reading also :) 9ij inha loya bas wanasa :) mabrok again :>

Q80-Chill Girl said...


زين دام لك خلق تقرا :> تحمل

Ok it started when we got the wireless connection my laptop did not detect the home network, so I went to the trouble shooter, stopped at the phase where its recommended to update the wireless hardware driver & since I just formated my laotop (also by my self! as if its an achievement ;p its just instructions & CDs) ANYHOW....

I updated the driver still no use! the troubleshooter went to a dead end! So I went to looked up my laptop downloads which turned out to be outdated! later on I went to searched the latest driver update + software to manage the hardware peice for the wireless connection. There I found my solution! downloaded:

1- A software to check my driver & weather its uptodate where to go to get the latest

2- A software to update my driver

3- A software to manage my wireless connection (signal blah blah)

then the software told me! turn on the hardware switch! here I realised that I do not read much nor know every peice in my abandoned laptop since I used it to move/ store stuff & not to really use it :D now that I do have the time to use it I paid more attention to it, turned the switch on & here we are :} and I felt so stupid for not knowing that there is a swtich & was puzzled why da'hell there was a swtch lol, but i guess its better for security?

oo slamtk :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purgatory :D

دقمه حيويه

vital botton

:$ When I saw ur comment I thought u caught a typo again!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Allah ybark feeeeeek :D thank you :D loya bs ur right its fun :D I felt goooooood :D a little stupid for not knowing the switc thing that could have been the problem in the 1st place?? I'm not sure

Q80-Chill Girl said...


كومنتي حد البدليات :> عادي طوف لي