Saturday, 20 January 2007

The Tea Boy of Gaza

Today Saturday 20.1.2006 I saw this an episode of the show called "The World Uncovered" on BBC, it was called : The Tea Boy of Gaza

The description "Quote"

Saturday 20th January at 1210 GMT Repeated: Saturday 20th at 2010 and Sunday 21st at 0210, 0810 and 1710 GMT

Mahmoud is a 12-year-old boy who supports his family by selling tea in Gaza's biggest hospital. He struggles to make a living on the wards and has to avoid the shoot-outs that occur inside the hospital itself.
Filmed before and during the recent Israeli re-occupation of the Gaza Strip, this observational documentary uses Mahmoud's experiences, as well as remarkable access inside the Hamas prime minister's office, to show the reality of life under the new Hamas government..... etc

What I liked about this documentary is that it shows us the real situation over there, not the fake image that other Arabic! News channels show. I hate politics to the BONE but I could not help this show because it gave me a clear view of how is it there, inside Palestine, in Gaza. I stopped being interested in that issue since the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait, since the Palestinian government & most Palestinians "not all BUT the MAJORITY" supported Sadaam's occupation of Kuwait!

It is not easy to have your country occupied nor having an other MUSLIM, ARAB approve it! Still I sympathized with their situation as humans and Muslims. Back to the documentary still as the Dr mentioned in the documentary its their choice to support Hamas and they are willing to suffer more until they get their freedom, and in that show they let you see how is life over there in a simple plain way.

I liked the inside view of the real Palestine because it showed how people over there are in a messy situation, new leadership coping with the fact that they are leading a whole country. A moment of silence made me think how can people who live in an occupied country for this long, who know the agony of loosing your identity/ dignity/ people/ lives, being rejected from other countries (Jordan one of them I was there in that summer & we were rejected by many people! as a try from my father to find us a place to stay since we did not know how long will the invasion last! he tried to rent an apartment and I never forget the man who said : انا ما بأجرش كويتيين - I do not rent any apartment to Kuwaitis) how can they approve of the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait back in 1990?. I do not have a heart full of hate but I can not forget the deep wounds, especially if they touched my land & people.

A show worth watching.

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