Monday, 16 June 2008

Long day

Lately every day is a long day for me, to the extent that I am beat after a day that I was awake for more than 17 hours and can not sleep, I hate it when my biological watch does that to me! if I don't sleep when my body wants to "mostly around 10pm" I find it difficult to go to sleep anytime before 1 am, even if I turn the lights off and try to sleep I will stay awake! I hate that.

Today was a happy day, long yes! nothing new about that but I finished a lot, smiled a lot and heard good news, did some of the things on my to do list, it was a good day.

The flick in the long days is that you have a lot in mind at times, for me internet related things/ reading books, that you can not do, hence you have to skip them in order to finish other more crucial tasks, I have a lot of pending posts/ drafts and books! I need to organize my time and life, but who knew I will have some trouble that will need some time to be taken care of?

I did not want to go to Hagendaz avenues, their service is crappy I hate it so much! their sweets are not so exciting, but mother and sister like it!! and eventually due to their bad service + many table and they are understaffed! I had a mini fight with them, but since they were very sorry and polite I had to leave a nice tip. وزين ما بجيت معاهم وقلت لهم انا اسفه لاني عصبت عليكم و طلبت حقي كزبونه

Yes I do think in both languages, which at times makes me crazy, but rarely mix in them while I talk, and I enjoy Kuwaiti-English where gestures and pronunciations make all the difference :)
على شاكلة مي انقلش مي ذس؟

I need to focus, I need to sleeeeeeeep

Tomorrow hmmm technically its today, will be very dusty as mother said
و يقال ان مستوى الرؤية بيكون مو شي! خشوا عيونكم و خشومكم


Anonymous said...

sweet dreams

Marzouq said...

Every once in a while everyone goes through this, that you get stuck with a million things or one thing that takes over all your time.. its good finish it up.. and then you come back to the normal tasks! :)

This dust is driving me nuts!

Broke said...

Although that I'm deeply in love with Haagen Daz , I think that their service sucks everywhere not only in the Avenues ..

فرع شرق كنت أستانس لما أقعد فيه .. بس آخر مرة رحت له وصلوا مرحلة إنهم يقدمون لنا صحن " مثلوم " .. فـ بس من يومها و آنا كارهته


آه يا الغبار

اللي ما عنده يسافر هالصيف - زي حالاتي - راح ياكل هوا

المشكلة إنه حتى البحر اللي كان متنفسنا كل صيف .. انحرمنا منه


3baid said...

I wish I had something to cheer you up with, but I got nothing now :/

Everyone's having icecream these days :O

Q80-Chill Girl said...


thank you :)


The dust is not getting any better, just looked outside! Allah ystr! and yes I miss my normal life I miss staying at home a lot :) but it will end soon


I forgot about how the one in Soug Sharg is like lol, I passed there last week it was fully packed didn't sit, before that I think I was there around 2005?

حن واحد مثلوم لوول ،، جربي مراكش اللي بالفحيحيل ،، الله يديم النعمة و كل صحونهم و اشيائهم مثلومه لوول مادري ديكور ولا شنو القصة بس كنت بعدي هالغداء على خير و ما سألت عن شي و ما اذكر اني ابتسمت من قلبي الا لما قالوا يلا مشينا :>

انا احب الصيف بالكويت و اتعمد ما اسافر بس هالسنه الله يستر! الحر يهون التكييف عسى الله يغمد روح اللي اخترعه الجنه، بس الغبار شالدبره فيه؟


nothing more than ur words in ur nice comment can cheer me up :D im glad to the extent im blogging @ work, which is a thing I HATE to do :> i am ok
بس خبرك التحلطم هوايه

EXzombie said...

الحين كلمة عبيد ترفع بالمعنويات اكثر من طلعتي على البلوغ.....؟!؟

جنه صار مخامط.....!!!؟

loco said...

ely fee tank ( rabo ) la ye6la3 ta7ther :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


من سبق لبق

لا شدعوه اطلالة اكزومبي مهمه يكفي انك مو وتني و تقرا جريدة الوتن، بس هم عبيد غير شحليلاته كل فتره و فتره ايتفقدني بشي يونس



e wallah yksroon el kha6r :/