Monday, 9 June 2008

A moment of frustration

After reaching to the final stages just before doing the formating and ending the report, I discovered some glitches! I deal with people who do not want to work and occasionaly don't know how to work :D

I know I did my task very well, thats why I discovered their mistakes although they hid them very well, but the question is when will they do their work well?


Anonymous said...

That's okay, ya36eech il3afya :]

Purgatory said...

Never :)

EXzombie said...


Q80-Chill Girl said...


i know dear, i will do every thing all over again, allah y3afeek :D


:) i have hope


Well, im planning to change that and let them learn, even if my standards are too high for them, i will take the extra step to teach them!

Anonymous said...

Do they have any incentive to do the work?

Q80-Chill Girl said...


They do, but their seniors dont take this task for granted, they dont even review the papers before sending them nor explain in detail the task needed to their employees, i had to spend long work days with their employees to make them understand what is required, i am working with the most challenging dept. around me! and above all their manager is way strong, he does not even gets punished for not knowing what are people doing or not doing!! its messy :) i have a looooooot to do

ManalQ8 said...

Don't worry

they will



you've done yours

and well done

Traveleer said...

Some will learn..some will not. You just keep doing your job well and that what counts.

Rajesh Gandhy said...

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