Thursday, 26 June 2008

My week

Sunday: nice clam busy
Monday: Surprising and fun
Tuesday: hectic and crazy
Wednesday: under crazy pressure
Thursday: I was late, things were done on the last minute yet I got good reviews on my work! I hate the fact that I work well under pressure!

- shopping
- dvds
- more shopping
- also some more shopping
- read
- sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

I doubt I will do most of the stated above but will try to :}


EXzombie said...

you forgot sishi-ing.....!!!

Q80-Chill Girl said...




me no 3nderstand u, what u say? did u mean sushi-ing ?

EXzombie said...


I blame the dark....!!!

physio-80 said...

my week is busy
diving classes
diving students
things to do here anr there
and the week end diving the day time and shopping e=in the evening