Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Picture talk

صور متفرقة صورتها من زماااااااان و مر الوقت و انا مالي بال اكتب عن كل وحده فيهم، و لكم هالسلطة الغير متجانسه

:) صاج

الترجمة ،،، صخر

استشارات نفسية - اجتماعية - شرعية
المركز الاسلامي للاستشارات و الطب البديل! يعني نقدر نقول بتاع كولو؟

شارع فهد السالم، جم مره بحياتكم شفتوه فاضي بهالشكل؟
بالذات هالاشاره اللي تقوم فيها داحس و الغبراء كل يوم

My note for 2007 ,, RIP

Im simply crazy about cinnamon
حتى معجون اسناني على نكهة الدارسين

كان يوم حلو

Took this one as I just opened the box of my Elmo :} I fell in love with him and got him ASAP!
I thought I was too crazy about this toy until I saw this video

VM, Mubarakiyah
cool design, reminds me of the KTV logo "old Islamic design"

دار داوود
احد اماكني المحببة بالديره، و مو بعيده عن دار قرطاس و مكتبة الكويت الوطنية
هالكتب الداثره اللي اسعارها اببلاش فيها اشياء اتهبل، و كل مره افتر بينهم القى شي جديد
اللافت للنظر ان الكتب اللي داخل المكتبة ما يحركوني كثر هالكتب الداثره

In the land of the unknown
by Tareq Al-Duaij
the book that i failed to write a review about till date ;p i know im lazy but this is a nice short review

i love this bookshop :)

الخبر قديم و اتتم الكويت تسوي خير و تقطه بحر

الافنيوز ايام الهبه فيه
هاليوم تنرفزت من كثرة الديكورات و الناس بس هالمنظر كان شي نادر

I love Kuwait's winter
I love rain
old picture

TRANSFORMERS hummer @ Al-Ghanim :)

شغل ايديا و حياة عينيا
علشان جذيه كل فراوله مالها علاقة بالثانيه بس العوض ولا القطيعة!؟

Hidden cat near my car, for a while I used to see this cat hiding in the bush near my car parking space :) she used to make me smile, of course after scaring the hell put of me once and made me look like a mad woman in front of my colleagues
مو شي بنيه منحكره بين زرع و سيارتها و تصارخ

قطوة بيت خالتي
كانت دعلة و حامل و مالها خلق و المشكله اني استخف على القطاوه بحياتي ما شرشحتني قطوه كثرها ،، اختب و ابسبس لها و ادلعها و شوي و اخليها وحده من الاهل و القطوه بنت القطوه تطالعني ابطرف عينها بهالنظره اللي بالصوره و انا حترررررر منها و اخر شي كشت فيها مالت عليها شنو ماكو قطوه بالدنيا غيرها يعني؟

GAP Kuwait
you do the math :)
the price on the tag in KWD was for ONE PAIR only!!

A quick bite, in a morning, diced sausage with eggs topped with a slice of "mimolette" cheese and tomatoes, brown multi cereal bread :D
this is the view before the squeezing, hence it looks like a mountain


Purgatory said...

Memo meen ;p

and where is this bookstore, never heard about it.

I thought those strawberries were olives.

New Bride said...

woooow loved them khoosh 9waar

3baid said...

ee بتاع كولو

Cats can be like that :P

Blue Ice Envy said...

Those strawberries looked like genetically modified cherries!

Now I know what I'm going to do with all the pictures I've been taking since I started blogging!

Skinny Bumblebee said...


Kilshay ib 9oab oo bita3 kiloh ib 9oab thani...

Q80-Chill Girl said...


memo meen? me no english :D

the bookstore is the one in al-muthana complex, the picture was for the poster thats why maybe it was not clear which bookstore i was referring to :)

OLIVES ??? lol


glad u liked'em


i hated how she ignored me, ga6wa shreera


why don't those strawberries look normal? lol :/ they are Kuwaiti btw

glad i gave u a nice tip :D

Skinny Bumblebee

i know i was embagega my eyes trying to make sense of whats in that banner :/

When Jill Got Phil Preggers said...

Isn't it true KTV has played "Mother India" on air over 43 times?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

ever changing nickname guy

well i was born in 1980 the movie was produced in 1957, the odds of playing a classic after the age of me realizing things, around the 90s are very little ;p and i wasnt a fan of the Friday Indian movie to,e pm KTV2, because they didn't show the good ones, except for Amitabh Bachan's and Govinda's also there was a movie where they played the song where the lover is calling for his beloved "Radha"