Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blog Action Day.2 [15.10.2008]: Poverty

Participating is a step I decided to do after reading EXzombie's post, and what I have on poverty is what I see from my perspective and what I hope for in the future of our world.

Poverty might not be a big issue in my country but it exists, from the beginning of time there were rich people and poor people, people/ animals and anything living on this earth has its purpose and the separation between those living on earth is based on layers of who has more and who has less, of money/ food/ education ,, etc.

poverty has a single simple solution, love! When people love each other they would never wish for anyone to need others to live and wish they would be dependent, our role as people who have more is to give a part of what we can spare, with out making our life hard! and giving is not meant to be with money only, its by knowledge by spreading the word and by taking a step towards ending poverty.

It is very simple and easy, if you search and look around you, you will find many ways to help, adopting a child from birth to the age of 18 can cost you as low as 20KD/ month and paying a child's education fees is an other way to bring more educated healthy people into this world and give them the chance to build their lives with the enlightenment of education.

You can give, your extra money, your extra time and spread the knowledge that you can reach out and help in many ways.


q8philic said...

i agree that the solution is simple but i believe we cannot achieve it nowadays because unfortunately the only morality today is (money talks)

on the other hand
20 KD per month
i can afford that

G.Q. said...

God be with them.

Zahra said...

It's a shame that poverty isn't a big issue that's discussed here because while we may not see beggars in the street, poverty does exist around us. We just tend to sweep it under the rug. With the markets and economy in the shape they're in, I believe we're going to be seeing more people hurting financially in the country and maybe then poverty will be discussed. Or maybe people will run to Parliament and add for more handouts from the government for refusing to live within their means.

Zahra said...

Poverty isn't a big issue in the country but it should be! People keep refusing to live within their means and demanding hands outs to pay for their lifestyles. It's disgraceful. I think what you're doing is fantastic and hope many more follow your example!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


true, but planting a small seed from your side wouldnt do you harm and might improve the future community :D




People keep refusing to live within their means! exactly well said. This is the key to our hidden poverty, we do have poverty but its not of scarce resources rather than over demanding just for the heck of it! Personally i think if we were more convinced with what we have rather than wanting what we can not afford we will be a better financially established community! I hope that Kuwaitis do come to their senses and live
على قد حالهم

لان هالشي مو عيب :) بالعكس الواحد يقدر يكون مرتب و مرتاح بدون لا يكسر ظهره بالديون، اللي عنده ١٠٠٠ يعيش و اللي عنده ١٠٠٠٠٠٠ بيعيش :) و مو لازم كلنا عندنا ملايين، بس لازم نكون قنوعين

The Universal Refusenik said...

There is more than one dimension to poverty. I am not taking names here but you can have poverty exist in fabulously rich countries as well: poverty of critical thought, of creative stimulation, poverty of emotion and of feeling. We may at some point be able to rid the world of financial poverty if we tried really hard but the true challenge lies in eradicating a poverty of spiritualism (nay, not organized religion) and poverty of empathy and action.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ever changing nick :)

I agree, emotional poverty is the worse and hardest to cure or solve, I truly suffer when dealing with emotionally broke people and they do make me feel sorry for them, because they are not living nor dead ... well said