Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

A great movie! It revolves around the role that Charlie Wilson played in the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union back in the 80's, the location of the war was in Afghanistan. The interesting mixture and conflict of interests caught my attention, it appeared to be a two birds in one stone issue with the downfall of the USSR along with the intervention of USA to be the savior knight to help the poor Afghans and hold the flag of justice in the other hand the war was funded by the efforts of Charlie Wilson and others. Tom Hanks was amazing :)

The movie is supposed to be based on a true story, but it had a lot of sense and historical documentation, at the time if it was not for the USA's arrangement the Russian ambition would have made our region's map very different! More over the best part for me was the dirty side effect of giving the Afghans munition with no restrictions, rules and not even a government! Things had an open ending, a real one that we lived and live till date. Afghanistan was and still is a victim of who wanted to invade it and those who helped. I liked this movie a lot, it was very honest, with some twists that were ok with me! this is Hollywood but all in all it was a very good illustration of how things happened and got us here.



G.Q. said...

I'm not really into historic/war movies. I do like Tom Hanks though, but I can't promise I'm gonna watch it.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Me neither, war is just flashes taken from real tv mixed with little cinema, its mostly about what went on in the US, more about the cold war from one side :)

I hate war movies too but this one is an exception for me,

Marzouq said...

I agree it was a great movie! I was annoyed that it was cut, but it was still an excellent movie, and just below the radar!

Abdullah said...

شخصيا رايي يختلف تماما عن رايج في الفلم ، وجود اسم مثل توم هانكس فيه .. أمر يخليك تتوقع الأفضل من هذا العمل ، لكنه بالفعل خيب ظني .. سناريو حسيته مفتعل ، أحداث متسارعة .. توم هانكس على غير عادته يقدم شخصيته وبس بدون وجود أية اضافات عليها، لمسته السحرية غابت .
عموما .. لارتباط الفلم بأسماء كبار تتوقع منهم شي بمستواهم، لو كان بغيره .. كنت بعطيهم درجة على شرف المحاولة وبداية الطريق .
فأعطيه 3/5

Anonymous said...

What Marzouq said :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


take a look two posts below this one, i had something French for you in it :D

the movie completed the missing parts i needed!


حي الله اخوي عبد الله

احترم رايك، بس انا تسارع الاحداث كان مناسب لي لاني فعلا املك الكثير من الاسئلة حول شنو صار و منو ورا دعم المجاهدين بذلك الوقت، لاني اعرف فيه دعم من اكثر من جهه و ان هالدعم احتضن بداية اسامه بن لادل، بس شنو اللي صار و شلون بدت هاللويه، هالفلم وضح لي اللي كنت احتاج اني اعرفه من تلاقي المصالح الدولية و فرض القوة :>

3baaaaaaid :D

okek ;p