Monday, 20 October 2008

المدونات إبداعيا ،، يوم الأربعاء

22 October 2008
Wednesday, 7:00pm

Event: "المدونات ...إبداعيا"
Type: محاضرة
منيفة عكاشة
ديمة عبدالله الغنيم
يحيى طالب علي
Host: رابطة الأدباء
Place: العديلية، شارع الاتحاد، مقابل نادي كاظمة الرياضي و بجانب صالة أفراح الميلم

As recieved from the dear someday red :)

و من خلال البحث و التمحيص لقيت هالخبر من مركز آنهار الإخباري عن المحاضرة

و منا لمن يهمه الأمر :) من المدونين و غيرهم


Enter-Q8 said...

انا اوصلتني رسالة نفس هذي
بس اللي ابي اعرفه
معليش ما اعرف شي بلأبداع

As YoU LiKE said...

مين دي
منيفة عكاشة

Q80-Chill Girl said...


علمي علمك و مثل ما وردكم وردني و زدت عنكم باللي مكتوب باللنك من مركز انهار الإخباري، و حسب ماهو مكتوب ان

"أ. ديمة الغنيم التي ستقوم بالتعريف بشخصيتها الأثيرية بقراءة نص من نصوصها الإبداعية التي تتسم بها مدونتها"

و انا بصراحه ما اعرف مدونتها بس يوم الاربعاء يبين كل شي و يمكن اهي بلوقر مانعرف اسمها الحقيقي؟

و ان الله قدرني و رحت بعرف شالقصة

As You Like


موش عارفه و الله
و ما ادري حتى شنو مسماها الوظيفي او صفتها البحثية و لكن بالمحاظرة ايبين شالموضوع

Ms. Baker said...

I am curious to know who these Kuwaiti bloggers are that are going to speak about "creativity in blogging..."

Not that I mean to sound negative or discouraging. It's just that there are a few very original and creative old school Kuwaiti bloggers who have been around for a looong time sharing their wonderful thoughts and creativity with us all (and we all know who they are), and I would be very interested to hear THEM speak about creativity and originality and such in Kuwaiti blogging (hint, hint 7aggich ;) ) Have I misunderstood something perhaps?

(Ishloonich Chillgirl, shakhbaarich ? Hows life been treating you? Very well I hope, dear one :** )

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ms baker


im great thank you for asking, struggling with the first week @ work and weight loss and sleeping schedule is messed up! the other day i smiled from the heart when i saw ur comment at PSS's :) i miss those days too

As for what they are referring to in that lecture i think the blog of miss Dema answers all your questions since she in the lecture will talk about her experience

i found out about her from a post Amu published in safat this morning, as for their point of view i think they want to tackle the creative writing in a blog, taking Dema as an example of that, and not really about the essence of blogging and the Kuwaiti blog-o-sphere :)

i will attend inshallah and will see how things will be like

Ms. Baker said...

Akh first week back at work is killer after a long vacation. I had 3 months this summer (one month was extra, a ramadan bonus LOL ) and I almost didnt want to come back to work. Early retirement from my Govt. job sounded attractive LOL (kidding)

Allaaah, 3ala 6aree PSS - those were the days, those blogging days of old, weren't they? Ya7laylna sij :) (BTW PSS is actually a very dear old friend of mine and yet still, still I miss her and her stories and writings as PSS... She is classic and inimitable just like you and inshallah doom both of your blog personalities remain etched into our memories and hearts :* )

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ms. baker

3 months! Allah y3eeeeeench and I mean it, lol how will u adjust :D ?? i guess caffeine is a good start to help u :p

PSS and many others, back then around the end of 2004 it was the initial seed of blogging as it is now, with a smaller and more cozy community, as much as we varied we were more harmonic together most of us believed in one's right to be and respected diversity. Now its a bigger more foreign to me, not in a bad way but it got bigger and more similar to our community outside the net! very different from how it started and it has more attitude now :D more ego driven people appeared but i see a bright future :)

thank you for ur sweet words :* and my personality will be the same because its the same one outside the net :D and on that i will write a post! along with my comment on the lecture i went to yesterday

never saw you but defiantly love you :D