Tuesday, 2 December 2008

From here and there

All in English this time...

Cold weather hit home :) I liked the weather today and did finish my tasks out

It's amazing how some try to interpret you through your silence or simple spontaneous gestures, I believe in body language and ways to interpret them! but they are NOT exact with every single human being :) we differ as our figure prints, yes we may carry SOME similar characteristics/ habits or moves but we are not the same :>

I had a happy Net-A-Porter experience :D

I still suffer with my bio clock, if I don't sleep when it wants me to! I stay up for no obvious reason :/

Pending, is THE word i HATE @ work!
I hate pending work, I hate followup!

A weekend by the sea would be priceless! ,,, with a simple reality check, a spa won't be that bad


Purgatory said...

I like chubby body language :)

Fashionista said...

tell us more about your net-a-porter experience please :P

Traveleer said...

yes winter is welcomed with open arms. I miss the cold and chmaagh with deshdasha hehe.

well done. for your cpmpletion of your tasks.

I think these days people who read a book or two about body langauge and understanding people think of themselves as experts. Hardly.

your post today is an original chill-out post

Q80-Chill Girl said...


lol, chubby is in every thing with u!


Salamch Allah I Ordered a bag and a watch, placed the order 26th and the items arrived 30th 4 days later :D that is BUSINESS! and unlike the Aramex hustle I found that website very easygoing, net-a-porter deals with DHL, direct delivery to your doorstep! what could be more grand :D and the delivery cost? around 15 kwd. I think the watch is going to be a hit! its simple and hip, i NEVER wore a skull but this skull is 3beee6a I should write a post about this lol chena my comment became too long :p

p.s: i got the bag 250 KD cheaper!!!! than what it was in Burberry's boutique Kuwait!!! and they had only two pieces :D which means that i got the 3rd one in q8 ;p


you know what you got right on the dot?! ur ending line! I was a bit lost with this life now I found me again :P and came back to my dear old blog

John Galt said...

" From here and there" - that's the way we like it.

Fashionista said...

merci for the details :P

3alaich bel 3afya 7beebty

loved the bag :)

and i agree, the comment should've been a post ;P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

My favorite masked commenter :D

Merci, mon cher ami :> and will do because it felt good to have my bits from here and there back


:D uw dear oo allah y3afeech

Marzouq said...

I do love the cold weather these days! I find it hilarious how some people interpret body movement!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


i love cold weather, and don't really wear heavy winter clothes except for a jacket to protect me from outdoor wind "if any".... Other than the typical human nature to interpret others the Kuwaiti society for some reason stereotypes you!