Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Yay or Nay!

Skull face watch
From Net-A-Porter

Mimicking Zahra's Wow or Wai3. I present you with the Marc By Marc Jacobs skull watch! I think its incredibly hip and surprising, relatively big its not a small watch, the funny thing is that the hours counter "a disk like thingies that rolls around" is in the nose ;p meanwhile the minutes are in the right eye! and they are designed to increase by 5 (5-10-15 .. etc.) also with a disk like design, so if you are a busy exact woman who likes things sharp this is not the watch for you :D but its fun and different! Perfect for every day usage and its simple design makes flexible to be worn on any casual outfit.

I highly recommend Net-A-Porter I am very pleased with their service and I will rely on them as a new efficient source for fashion. They deliver their items through DHL with in 2-3 days right after the financial transaction is made and the order is places! from London to Kuwait in 3 days! I have a lot of other items to recommend but I thought the skull watch was the most interesting one :D


eshda3wa said...

its a definite nay for me

but ur right it is different and unique!

Traveleer said...

are you sure you did not buy it from a Somali pirate? :P

well it is not my kind of thing but I do understand a girl has got to be hip with hippy things :P

Anonymous said...


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Eshda3wa :D

merci 4 ur opinion, my friend thought the same too :p

Traveleer :D

LOL, its not the need to be hippy as much as it is the need to have something that caught my eyes

Laialy :D

me tooo

Anonymous said...

I feel like it has a teenage appeal because it's cartoonish, but I like it :p

Marzouq said...

That is a really funky watch but not for reading time! :)

I hear a lot of people are happy with Net-A-Porter.. 7amdilla for good service!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


YES! kelsh not good for those who want to know the time EXACTLY, personally I rely on my mobile when I want to know the exact time when I wear it but I still like how it looks like :D