Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Its very odd how sometimes when my work day is loaded, the eight hours I spend there seems a bit more that what its supposed to be! and I do finish work in a rate higher than the usual, I work well under pressure and I actually become creative! The down side of it is that it consumes me. I become less tolerant with people and more quiet after my work day finishes! as if my vocabulary is empty.

Yet I still find time for my blog, someone asked less than 24 hours ago, how do you have the time to post? I do feel that I should post more often :D but as a reply, my current posting rate is due to my love to this blog, it grew on me and I grew along with it, even my style of writing, my thoughts, my stories and my pictures are different, in a good way.

I do lack time in many times, and currently staying home to catch up with a lot of things and missing out on more outside, but I can not stop blogging, its a simple, unobliging part of my life, and a good friend too :}


Fashionista said...

blogging is good therapy

i think i'm getting addicted :)

Cloudy Stars said...

i'm glued to my blog lol

Traveleer said...

everyone of us has a place to run to..a sanctuary..a safe haven.. you chose this place to be your blog.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

:D I know I am too ;p join the club

Cloudy Stars
;p good because u came in a sweet nice intro

Right on the dot :} & sometimes I go to my "scattered around the pc" notes

nikon 8 said...

كل شي نحبه ونحرص عليه نلاقي له وقت
نطالبك بالإستمرار

Q80-Chill Girl said...


u drew a lovely smile on my tired face :D thank you :D

Alia said...

you go girl
it's addicted