Tuesday, 23 December 2008

T .. OKi .. DOKi

I fell in love with Tokidoki work! How can I resist their work by Hello Kitty?!!! Tokidoki that I thought was a manipulation of okie dokie :p is actually "Sometimes" in Japanese :D The whole website is screaming with creativity! simple characters yet very cute and catchy :} They have a lot to sell along like this messenger bag :D

me very likey Tokidoki


Khayala said...

I hate Tokitoki or wtv its called :/
I remember seeing it everywhere in London hal summer ! Every newspaper booth, every flea market, kel da3oos ybee3hom! Too anime meets eastpak for my taste !

Q80-Chill Girl said...


welcome to my blog :D totally respect ur opinion and although they cramp up too many characters in 1 place which is a thing totally not me! but i still like them :D