Friday, 26 December 2008

From here and there

من الفيسبوك و من الاخ حاكي عقالي طحت على رحايا العمر، مدونة تستحق القراءة و التمعن فيها

Bright almost fluorescent Pink and Orange hit me a bit late :D I decided to go for them in winter and decided that this winter will be a bright one! highly recommending Kanebo lasting lip color "LL 11"

مشروع كويتي جميل، نادي ديوان للقراءة

From Wednesday to Thursday I got two reminders ,,,
1- why I hate women gatherings
2- how much I hate people who judge a person upon his past

و للذكرى قصاصات ،، استوقفتني اوراق تعود للعامين ٢٠٠٤ و ٢٠٠٦ في احد الكتب و اعادت لي مواقف غيرت حياتي، على الرغم من اني اعلم بكل ما حدث و اذكر التفاصيل بدقة الا ان الاوراق نطقت و اخبرتني باني كنت و اصبحت ، التوثيق جميل


Purgatory said...

:) I like 2005 better.

Fashionista said...

1- why I hate women gatherings
2- how much I hate people who judge a person upon his past

couldn't agree more!

أحمد كمال said...

Thanks for passing by and for mentioning Ra7aya in your nice blog.

I wish we keep in touch.

loco said...

2007 was the best!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

:D I liked 2006 the most, it had a major flip of a coin in a giant toss i made :D BUT blog-wise to me 2005 was the richest


أحمد كمال
Thank you for the nice gesture and its an honor to have you commenting here
و على مدونتك مثل ما نقول : الزين يفرض نفسه
الله يوفقك مدونتك جميلة

one more day left in 2008, that day could make all the difference :D lets wait and see :>

John Doe Alive and Kicking said...

The best is yet to come, Chilli.

On why I hate women gatherings, don't even get me started. Equally, I find condolence meets nauseous(and remember I cannot know what morning sickness feels like) because of the sub-texts and sub-plots unraveling under the facade of a rather sombre occasion. It' corny that in life you bitch about someone behind their back and then as an about-face begin to wax eulogies when they are no more. Talk of double standards!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I hope for the best :)

double standards,, the term alone is suffocating let aside the reality, i hear u