Monday, 1 February 2010

32 : A flaw


My beloved earring fell from my hand and 2 stones got smashed! Mother could not notice them but I did, I really got upset since I ADORE those earrings and they don't sell them anymore! And since I saw this flaw I could not take my eyes off it, and could not wear it in peace! Kept touching it and feeling the difference between it and the other stones that are hanging tough. The odd thing is that I'm a perfectionist that HATES to be perfect, however I want my things to be perfect, my service to be perfect BUT for some odd reason I do not like to be perfect, I can't really but even if I applied all my standards to my self I would get tired. So I have the perfect things but might not wear them perfectly :> YET they have to be perfect, if a flaw is going to come then its from me not them. 
now I have to go to the shop and see if they can fix them "doubt it! they are into selling only, I think" and after I am sure that they can't I will look for a jewelery fixing shop or something like that. I really really like those earrings :(

p.s: I have other shots without the reflection that's annoying me but I liked this one since the main focus is on the broken stone.

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