Tuesday, 2 February 2010

33 : Priorities

When my car started asking for fuel had to feed it :> although I was facing the risk of being late for work, but I realized that I like my car more than my work :p she comes first!

So among the things I thought about was priorities, how to set them and how to organize them. At work, currently facing an odd load, out of no where this big load of work has to be done, so trying to break the iceberg bit by bit and finishing the urgent over the regular, in other words, setting priorities. A thing I was terrible at a year ago, when I faced the real problem of delaying my work just because I could not set my priorities, all of a sudden I would find a task to take action for that I didn't know about because it was hidden under other papers! So my solution was Organize, Priorities and stay away from Procrastination :] it is not as easy as it sounds, only in the beginning, once I practiced it and FORCED my self to do those things it became a habit.

I still love my car more :>


ba6alah said...

I will force my self 2 :]

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:> go for it, you will notice the difference