Tuesday, 16 February 2010

47 : Coffee

Fauchon cappuccino is good! I'm not of a cappuccino fan my self but its my next favorite after the mocha. The flower they made on top of the coffee made me think, how permanent is beauty, ironically the decoration on the coffee which I ruined with the first step immediately made me think of our own physical beauty, it is nice to see for a while, since it will not last forever. 

Some will enjoy the taste try something else next time, others will return for the same drink, either way the crave for a new and full coffee experience is an endless need that we have. Similar to beauty, why? because the decoration of the coffee is a substance we can live without or try once in a lifetime, wont die without it. The trick is to enjoy it, know what you want, how much of it do you want and be true to yourself and others, avoid addiction. Have an other decoration-less cup, try other things but deep inside stay simple :]


جبريت said...

بطلت قهوه من زمااااااااااان ولا راح ارد اشربها ان شاء الله الا العربيه ما بطلت عنها لأني اشربها بالمناسبات بس

ba6alah said...

shakelha eyshaweg

Q80-Chill Girl said...

زين تسوي، انا قاعده اقلل من استهلاكي للقهوة، بس احبها ما اقدر اقاطعها مولية :>

very :> and it was good! their coffee "espresso" is very nice