Sunday, 14 February 2010

45 : Why magazines?


Vogue and InStyle are my two favorite fashion magazines! been following up with them since 2004, I find it hard to get rid of them although they are killing a lot of space just to store them but I simply love them! You can rely on Vogue for giving you the latest in fashion from all around the globe, high end fashion as well as on the street trends. InStyle on the other hand is more of an office/ street/ star fashion oriented, more urban and less classy. Both give me the optimum fashion dose that I need every month :)

Why do I love magazines? variety, cuts the story short
Magazines tend to give you the heart of the story with minimum amount of words, yes there are long articles but they will eventually end in 2 pages max :> The variety is exactly what I need to attract my attention! You get bits and pieces from here and there, and if you are interested in something, you can search it later :]


ba6alah said...

good to know there is some one interesting in reading

pisceschick said...

They're my fave as well .. I love them because they have the fashion, beauty and celebrity buzz I need to know ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Reading is great but lately am trying hard to squeeze in time for it :/ am a lazy reader, will try to improve that

YES :D all u need to know, short and wonderfully edited/ directed :>

Anonymous said...

Hi Chill girl! This is really a very nice blog..that i'm now interested in reading your older posts..try to subscribe and the magazine comes directly to your home address(i put my P.O box address).no need to pay shipping for every issue for aramex. You pay only once for international shipping.Much cheeper than what it cost in kuwait and you get the whole magazine(mako raqaaba..moo mshaggigah)..they have some nice mags..including Vogue
And according your earings..i know the feeling:( if you have the fallen stones they can fix it for you,if you don't maybe they will get a similar one.

Marzouq said...

I tend to read some magazines as well! Its the feel of the paper! And I only read a few magazines, I try not to keep them as I have had instances of them piling up!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

:> hello :D glad u liked the blog, thx for the site but i did not find vogue :/ coz using it will save me a lot! am paying more than what i do to get it from Kuwait bookstores!

Aramex charge me 3-5KD/issue (same as the selling price here!), and i get 2 issues/ month ,, am paying around 7-10KD/ month, meanwhile for the whole 2 years subscription i paid 54 USD :>

So!! just to get it fresh, home delivered and uncensored I pay a minimum of 94KD/yr

costly but I get the quality i need :]

I eventually rip some pages off to include them in my look-book, but it still hurts :p I want the whole thing! Yet keeping them is bulky I have to admit

Anonymous said...

Sorry chillout girl! I meant Bazaar not is a fashion magazine as well.It is only 8$/year plus 20$ for international shipping and you save more if you subscribe for 2 or 3 years.I subscribed in one magazine 2 years ago for one year and i recieved all issues and now i can't wait to recieve my first issue:)..By the way tomorrow i'll have dinner at napket..regarding your recommendation..3ala mas2ooleetich;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

its ok :p its a great site anyhow, might use it in the future

As for Napket,, well according to my taste its a winner :D inshallah you will enjoy it, make some room for the red velvet cheese cake :> if ur a cheese cake lover