Sunday, 28 February 2010

59 : Quiet moment, in a busy day


Went for a 24 hour trip, which was very hectic yet full of people, events, happenings and thoughts! The moment I got busy with observing this small wild pigeon that got into the terminal through an open gate, and got trapped; was the most peaceful and quiet moment of that day. The poor thing kept trying to escape through the windows, not knowing that there is glass separating it from the outside world till its very close to it. Got into the plane not knowing what will happen to it, hoping that it will get out, somehow :) Random thoughts :

  • How a tiny animal coming to our environment can surprise us and make us smile
  • Illusion, realize it before its too late!
  • See, listen, much more than you talk
  • Nice to know that there are people out there who care
  • Life goes on, even when it seems that time will stop, when a loved one is lost
  • He who understands, will amaze
  • The hug, is a simple human interpretation of the wish to hold you with in, close to the heart


ba6alah said...


MNIW : My Name is Wanker said...

Prefer having busy moments in a QUIET day when the phone is not ringing off the wall, and there's no constant hollering and fretting from the boss.

q8philic said...

الامور يبغالها صبر

Q80-Chill Girl said...


W , aka: ECNN :p not the copycat!
I wish I can develop that in the future, since now, I work better under pressure and for some reason enjoy being busy! I should stand right in between

يا حليله للحين اتذكر: ما نبغى لزقات و كله كوم و احنا خدامين ال.... كوووووووم

على كثر ما ان هالديرة مملة الا انه بكل سفرة لازم يصير اكشن! عقب مارشلوو جينا لافلام الاهل