Thursday, 25 February 2010

56 : The Early Bird - Jabriya

So far I had the french toast & pancakes :>, both were YUMMY! Tried them at The early bird that I read so much about, and wanted to go to :p back when the only branch was in Fahaheel but didn't till date but I got to eat in it twice so far due to its new lovely location in Jabriya. They also have a blog now! And a new addict :p *me*

The place:
The jabriyah branch is located after the Champions ladies gym, only one building away from it, go inside the area putting the new gym "gray building seen form the 4th ring road" on your right, just walk a few meters up front, it will be on your right :> Cozy and small! careful when you bring a large group of people there, limited seating! The atmosphere is simple and charming. Tried the outdoor seating and indoor, I recommend the outdoor while the weather is nice.

Quick and efficient all I can say about them in that area :> loved their friendliness.

The two times I went there tried two items from the menu: French Toast - Pancakes ,, BOTH were winners for me! the food is absolutely amazing, right on the spot! the best french toast I ever tried in Kuwait with the right amount of sugar and cinnamon :) *I ♥ Cinnamon* also the pancakes were really good, light and moist. My companions tried different things and liked them too! one tried the pancakes the other had an omelet, both praised the food. Beverages are normal, coffee and orange juice are good. All in all, I will keep coming back till I finish their menu :p try all the dishes, will come back for more when ever I have the chance to do so. It is a really good American breakfast place. Worth trying and loving :>

The other side of the coin:
Bianca the place owner collects plastic bags :) now with the two locations, Fahaheel and Jabriyah, you can drop your bags when ever you can :> other than this lovely contribution to the community of women in need, the restaurant had pieces done by the Kuwaiti artist Ghada Al-Kandari :] it is really impressive how a simple business owner contributes to the art and society around her. Kudos to the lovely Bianca :> for being a great cook, person and a caring business owner.


ba6alah said...

I have to try it !

Touché said...

It's admirable to see those little contributions and gestures,I hope to see more following them.

Anwar said...

i know how to make those..
u should invit me next time ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...

go for it :> its yummy

and the most admirable point is that she is new to this country! and found out a way to help people in need :}

lol, bel3ax u should invite me to taste ur work :p