Sunday, 25 July 2010

206 : Planning?

I saw the sensor above this spot as green & thought I'd park in it, when I came closer and tried to get in I realized that the pole is too close :// and I was very sure that the car next to me is parked well, then I found a close vacant spot & got into it. When I came out of the car I looked at the spot & laughed! What is that! what kind of vehicle is supposed to park here?

On my way out I found a Yukon or Tahoe parked in it, I doubt the FJ owner can get into his/her car lol!


Marzouq said...

Motorcycle parking! lol :P

ROro Mania said...

mbyen ena ykfi
shof al car ele jbalha saf6a o 3adi o mbyen enhom kobra b3th :p

Q80-ChillGirl said...

LOL, that would be very convenient to you :p

ROro Mania
:p lol maybeeeeeee but it does need a good driver to fit his car into it