Friday, 23 July 2010

204 : A glass

Although this glass has two layers of glass in it, in the end its just a drinking glass, the experience of drinking was still on the drink inside, the new shape & look of the glass didn't do much. Same as what me & my friend had experienced today at Open Flame Kitchen in 360 mall, we decided to try the steak since its one of the most demanded over there "also the burgers/sliders! & the pizza". Now we decided to go for the steak since we didn't have pizza in mind and for the sliders, well we might as well go to Slider Station why eat them here? :]

The over all atmosphere & the Kuwaiti hype is excellent, something unique I must say BUT the food was .... ok! Nothing amazingly tasty & nothing with a unique character. What we had for appetizer were the Korean Chicken Wings & the Asian Shrimp, they were good but nothing out of the blue the flavors mix was ok in both dishes. The main was steak my friend took a fillet mignon & I took Deer meat! The Fillet was over cooked, she asked for a medium well & got a well done, there was no pinkness inside :/ for mine it was a small portion of 3 slices of meat, was ok! I was not impressed really &  for the steak it will not be a choice for me, I'd prefer terrace grill, the meat company or gaucho.The only really tasty & unique dish was the side mushrooms , or as they called it the accessories :D they were really good and yummy! defiantly a unique taste very well done on that :D

The only reason I will get back to it is to try the pizza for the sake of trying their best. What I really did not like is the MANY common dishes with the Slider Station menu! Personally if I want anything that is in slider "or LIKE it", I'd go there :> why go to a new restaurant to taste the same food?


Seema* said...

Thank you for sharing the experience & bil.3afya! :")

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Allah y3afeeech :D ty